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Music affects 
us on a very deep and emotional level.



Eclectic Music  Producer   Mixing  & Mastering Engineer

 Electronic   Music Production Analog Gear Enthusiast

Creative Artist Sound Engineer  & Dj

This is me


Leo Guardo BIO 

Leo Guardo is an Italian born Music Producer, Sound Engineer and Dj currently living in Melbourne. He started deejaying at a very young age, and in 2001 he gained popularity within the house music scene after playing his unique style at Chalet delle Rose in Italy.

In 2008, Leo moved to Australia to perfect his skills in sound engineering. With 10+ years in the audio industry Leo has worked on a number of professional productions across music, television and radio.

At present Leo is deeply focused on music production, mixing and mastering.  His work has gained respect across the electronic music industry with clients and collaborations with some of the best in the industry.


As an artist, Leo is currently signed to some of the best labels in the genre, Orianna Music, MoBlack Records, King Street Sounds, Wired, Tribe Records and Merecumbe Recordings to name a few. Leo’s unique style brings a fusion of tech, deep and house grooves infused with balearic, tribal and ethnic elements, that will excite and inspire any crowd.

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